Your Social Media Strategy: Building Trust through Blogging

Your Social Media Strategy: Building Trust through Blogging

Let’s face it; people do not trust financial service professionals. Financial services ranks as one of the least trusted professions in America and with all the scandals in the media, you can’t really blame people for their lack of trust. Accounting ranks as the only profession in the financial services industry that people do not feel as untrustworthy and most people do not feel the need to hire a profession accountant because they do not understand the value of using a professional accountant. Otherwise, if you are a financial adviser, mortgage broker or insurance agent, people just don’t trust you.


How do you overcome the lack of trust associated with the financial services industry?


Well to be honest there isn’t much you can do on a grand scale, but there are some things that you can do an individual level.


People trust people who they like, and they do business with people that they like and trust, that’s the bottom line. You want them to trust them with their hard-earned money and for many people that’s a scary prospect.


It may seem impossible to build likeability and trust with people who you never meet in person, but it is very doable. It takes time, but it takes time to build trust with people that you meet face-to-face; most of us don’t meet people and instantly trust them even if we instantly like them.


Here are a few things that you can do to build your likeability and trust level using your blog:


I am going to focus on how you can use your blog to build likeability and trust among your readers.


Talk in a conversational tone: People do not like stupid, plain and simple. Financial topics for most people are already very intimidating; decrease the intimidation, by talking in simple and easy to understand language.


Be personable: Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself some, not just about financial information, give readers a glimpse of who you are. Find ways to tell them things about yourself. Maybe you have collected baseball cards since you were five years old, mention this in one of your articles.


Write off topic: Every now and then write a post that is off topic, talk about a vacation you too, or a great restaurant where you ate.


Add video: Post a short video introducing yourself to readers, make it relaxed, doesn’t have to be professional, make sure that you are comfortable and readers will become comfortable with you. Smile and show your sense of humor, do not be dry.


Be honest: Let people know how you charge, what it will cost them, don’t seem shady, they are already scared to trust you. Explain it to them and break it down into scenarios that they can relate.


Go beyond the typical: Don’t just tell them what they can hear on CNN, give your prospective on what they have already heard. Break the information down and help them understand what it truly means to them. If the government has introduced a new program or legislation, explain how it could help or hurt them.


Use photos: Include photos of yourself outside of your job, doing things other than working. If you play golf, tell them about a great game you had and include a photo, especially if it shows you having a good time.


Community involvement: Tell them about your community involvement projects. If you coach little league baseball or volunteer to help people in need, tell them about it and don’t forget to include photos.


Include mistakes and goof-ups: Include stories where you did something that was well stupid or goofy. Now work related you don’t want them to think you will goof up their money, insurance policy, loan application, or whatever. Tell them about how long you tried to figure out your phone and your kids showed you in two minutes, people relate to that, be human.


The easiest way to get people to like you is by showing your personal side. Yeah it may turn some off, but they are not the people you want to work with anyway, they are not your ideal clients. Don’t just show them your knowledge expertise, they expect you to be knowledgeable, make the post easy to read and enjoyable by adding little pieces of yourself.


Your Turn:


How are you getting people to like and trust you before they get to meet you in person?


Are you adding touches to your messages?


What I want you to do next:

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