Your Social Media Strategy: Blogging

Social Media Strategy: Blogging

When clients tell me that they want to get started in social media but they don’t know where to begin, I tell them to start with a blog.  Blogging is the foundation of your social media strategy and the best way to reach your target market without spending tons of money, but you will have to invest time and have patience to see a return on your efforts


How quickly you see a return on your efforts will depend on how often you blog and whether or not you are writing posts that resonate with your blog readers. You plan to post to your blog two to three times a week.


I want to start a blog, how do I begin?


I will not go into deciding which blog-hosting program to use that is totally up to you. Many choose wordpress, but there are others and you should look at several to decide which one works for you.


Once you have decided on your blog platform, now it is time to plan your blogging strategy.


Questions to ask before you begin blogging.


What is the overall goal of your blog?

  • Whom are you trying to reach? (This should be your ideal client that you are trying to reach)
  • What are their interests?
  • How knowledgeable are they about the topics you will cover?
  • How can you tap into their interest?
  • What is the next step they should take after visiting your blog?


Deciding what is the overall goal of your blog.


What is your goal?

Creating awareness for your business

Generating leads


Whom are you trying to reach?


Are you trying to reach?

Industry professionals: Doctors, chemists, ECT.

Industries: Healthcare, manufacturing, education, ECT.

Local Community

Demographics: Mothers, parents, college students. ECT.


What are their interests?

Are they interested in: Art, travel, food, ECT?


What is their knowledge level concerning your topics?

Are they novice, intermediate, advanced


How can you tap into their interest and tie it back to your business?


Let’s say you are targeting art lovers:


Financial Planners: The pros and cons of investing in art, how to choose art that will increase in value

Accountants: Investing in Art: What you need to know about your taxes Realtors: Reviews of local art galleries in the neighborhoods you cover

Bankers: Documents you should keep in your safe deposit box to protect your art collection

Insurance: Protecting your art, how to make sure you have enough coverage


What is the next step that they should take?


Ideally, you want them to email or phone you to set up an appointment. Unfortunately, most do not email or call after visiting your blog for the first time.


I am suggesting that you goal should be to get them to give their email address so that you can nurture them to the point of emailing or calling about your services. Offer a sign up box on your blog for them to sign up to continue to receive information such as a monthly newsletter. Most businesses offer an incentive to get a person to sign up, such as a free report. Make sure that you tell them to sign up for your email list and make it easy from them to do.


Take this opportunity to learn a little more about them, have them answer a question; such as, have they purchased art before? Provide a yes or no Provide a yes or no checkbox. Do they currently have a financial planner, accountant, ECT? Do not ask too many questions, only questions about information that you need to know.


You want to bring financial issues to a more personal level with prospects. Relate your services and value to the things that they are interested. Give them something to think about; Hum I really like art, maybe I should think about buying as an investment instead of just because I like it. Man, how great would it be to live in a neighborhood with great art galleries. Wow, I didn’t know that I should insure my art for more than the price I paid for it. Yeah it probably would be a better idea to keep my receipts and photos of my art in a safe deposit box. I didn’t know that purchasing art could affect my taxes, I should learn about that, maybe I should talk to that person.


That is where you want to lead your readers. To decide that they need to talk to you, because you know what you are talking about and understand their needs.


Your Turn:


Have you started a blog?

If so, is it targeted to your ideal prospects?

If not, what are you waiting for?


What I want you to do next:

Leave a comment on my Blog, like me on Facebook and sign up for my NEWSLETTER



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  25. Arvin says:

    For me, starting a blog is really hard. I do want to write about a lot of things but don’t know how to start off or how I should deliver it. This post is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Jennifer says:


      I am glad that you liked the article and you can being by deciding on a list of subjects that you would like to cover. Then write a list of topics for each subject and begin writing posts for you blog and promote the posts on the internet so that potential readers and find you.

      Good luck,

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