Your Social Media Strategy: Blog Topics, Coming Up with Ideas

Your Social Media Strategy: Blog Topics, Coming Up with Ideas

When it comes to blogging, finding topics to write about can be to the challenging part to creating a successful blog. You want to write about things that readers are interested but also things that interest you and will not burn you out after a couple of months.


Here are a 11 ways to find blog topics:


1. Start with your business; what’s your specialty? I am talking about more than the general topic of insurance, financial planning, accounting, yeah you cover all of that, but what is your specialty?


2. What part of your business do you enjoy the most? Maybe you do financial planning and your specialty is asset allocation, but you really enjoy estate planning. What topics can you write about estate planning?


3. What questions do you get from clients and prospects; can you answer these questions with a blog post?


4. What are the hot topics of the day? Give your take on the hot topics in your industry that are consumer related. You are not writing for your peers but for prospects and current clients.


5. Go to the bookstore or Amazon. What are the current books that are out covering your industry? What are these books about, what topics do they cover?


6. Read other blogs. Subscribe to other professionals in your industry that are blogging and see what they are blogging about to get ideas. What are their most popular posts?


7. Read online newspapers and magazines. What are they writing? What type of questions are readers posting?


8. Ask your readers. Ask them what they are interested in reading about or learning.


9. Off topic posts. Add the occasional off topic blog post that let’s readers get an insight into the type of person you are. What you like to do outside of work, a place you visited, restaurant or something new you experienced.


10. Read something different. If you normally read industry material, try reading a gossip magazine. Sometimes just reading something different will spark an idea.


11. Sleep on it. Before you go to sleep, ask your subconscious what you should write. You might be surprised with ideas you wake up with or that come to you, don’t forget to write them down so that you will have a list of ideas for future posts.



In the beginning of our blogging adventure, we come up tons of topics to write about. After posting several times a week, week after week, month after month we can run dry of ideas. Always keep a list of ideas for future topics. This will come in handy when you are experiencing a block in what to write about and need some inspiration.


Your Turn:


How do you come up with blogging topics?


Do you keep a list of ideas?


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