Using Social Media to Build Relationships

Using Social Media to Build Relationships

Social media allows us to build relationships that in the past we would have had to build meeting prospects and clients face-to-face. Social media should not be used to eliminate face-to-face meeting, but sometimes meeting a person in person is impossible, this is where social media can shine.


The growing use of social media allows us to have clients who span the globe.


How can we use social media to connect with clients who are not local?


You can use social media to:


  • Connect with a targeted group of people who have similar interest or occupations
  • Connect with people in your target group by participating in online groups and forums that they join and become an active member
  • Post blog content that will help them answer questions about the services and solutions you provide to their problems
  • Your blog to engage them when they post comments or ask questions
  • Your facebook page to provide content and continue to engage them on a more personal level, depending the relationship
  • Tweet quick tips and messages that will lead them back to your website or blog
  • Email to continue to develop your relationships and nurture them from prospects to clients
  • Post short videos and podcasts introducing yourself to readers and offering helpful information
  • Keep readers informed of activities concerning your firm: workshops, webinars, podcasts, promotions, ECT.


Social media allows you to get your message out to a large number of people in a short amount of time.


What are the benefits of using social media?


Social media allows you to:


  • Demonstrate your expertise and become a trusted resource
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Decrease the cost of marketing to your target market
  • Reach the media and get them to help you promote your business
  • Understand the needs of your target market in a shorter period of time compared to learning over a period of time with face-to-face meeting


These are just some of the benefits of using and engaging in social media. The options are only limited by your creativity and the time you commit to using social media.


Your Turn:


How are you using social media to build relationships?


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