Ten Great Benefits of Blogging

Ten Great Benefits of Blogging

Everyone already knows that I am a great fan of blogging and benefits that if offers. While there are probably hundreds if not thousands of benefits to blogging, I am going to share with you ten great benefits of blogging.

Blogging can help you:

1. Grow your business

Consistently adding posts to your blog that offers content that you target audience wants to read will help you reach people around the world that you would never have the opportunity to reach on a day-to-day basis.

Your blog will allow you to show readers how you can and have solved similar problems to the ones that they are facing. Present your personality, skills and experience to your readers.

If your business consists of primarily local clients your blog can help, you reach people in your community that you would not have an opportunity to meet or that you even know exist. You can make sure that your blog has local keywords in place so that when people search for local items your blog will appear.

If I wanted to reach more local people in or around Detroit, I would include Detroit in my title tagline. I would include local happening along with my marketing posts so that when people searched for Detroit my blog would have an opportunity to appear.

2. Get Published

Many bloggers have gained book deals from their blogs. They have had people at publishing companies stumble across their blogs, followed their blogs and offered them book deals. Publishers are still publishing books whether in digital form or paper.

Your blog will allow potential publishers see the wealth of knowledge that you have on a subject and showcase your writing skills. They can also see that you have the capability to build an audience.

3. Get a Job

Blogging is a great way to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers. When you apply for a job, send them a link to your blog so that they can see for themselves what you bring to the table.

Many employers are looking for people who are social media savvy across all industries. It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, engineer or doctor. Social media has permeated all industries; it also means that you will need less training because you are already social media savvy. Many employers look at potential hires social media profiles and check their social media activity. Be careful, social media can also cost you a job.

4. Become a Speaker or Presenter

You can use your blog to showcase presentations that you have created, speeches you have given or just show your ability to do so. Many companies are doing online presentations, create a powerful presentation with audio, add it to slideshare and your blog. This will give businesses an idea of your presentation skills and style. Then put up a page on your blog letting potential businesses know that you are available to give presentation, workshops or whatever and include some examples for them to view. (hummm….think I will do this myself)

5. Become Known as an Expert

The more you post to your blog on your subject matter the more people will gain an understanding of the depth of knowledge that you have on a subject. This will also help when the media goes looking for experts to interview, when they do a search and your name keeps popping up, they will be more inclined to contact you. They will have the opportunity to read your blog and realize that you are the expert that they are looking for.

Becoming a recognized expert will also help you get better jobs, business and other opportunities, they sky is the limit.

6. Build your network

Blogging will help you expand your network. The more you blog the more people will reach out to you and the more influence you gain. You can build a network of people who will help you when you need help, will want to help you because they admire and want to work with you. People will seek you out for advice and trust your advice. Blogging allows you to reach others and for others to reach you. You can get the opportunity to communicate and maybe even work with people you consider big time. Whom would you love to work with?

7. Gain Influence

Bloggers are big in the world of media. Fashion bloggers have started trends. Businesses will contact bloggers with huge following and very active communities to promote products, sway opinion, highlight a cause and garner support. Your blog can make you the go to person for your industry when the media wants an opinion or insight.

8. Sell products

By building a larger reader and subscriber base, you can create products for sell that you readers will buy because they have already shown that they trust you and believe that you can help them. If they believe that you will help them then they will believe that the product that you are selling will help them also.

9. Help Others

Blogging lets you help readers with their problems. You can offer free information products, educational posts, videos, whatever you can dream of that will help your readers live better lives. Blogging can help you help people get over fears and live their dreams. You can inspire, educate, entertain, motivate and mobilize people with your blog.

10. Show the world who you are.

Your blog can show people all the great quirky things about you. People love to get to know people, marvel at their adventures, understand and sympathize with another person’s pain, laugh when they make a fool of themselves and smile tears when great things happen. You can express yourself fully and get people who have never met you believe they know you. They will become your supporter’s even evangelist and have never actually met you in person, but defend you as if they have.

Believe me there are so many more great things about blogging, this list could go into the hundreds, but I am going to stop at ten.

Have Your Say:

What do you think are some of the great benefits of blogging?


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11 Comments to Ten Great Benefits of Blogging

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    [...] The realities are many fear blogging and misunderstand how blogging can help their business. [...]

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  4. Dan Meyers says:

    Yes, and yes! I’m using my blog to try and pretty much accomplish everything on the list :). My biggest current challenge is I switched to a new blog/platform so Google is still looking for me.

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    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      Thank you for your comment. Just keep writing and Google will find you, it won’t take long.

      Good luck and much success,

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  5. Catarina Alexon says:

    Like Leora and Sherryl I agree wholehearedly with what you write in this post, Jennifer.

    Just one odd thing, it gets a bit more complicated when you are dealing with two countries and languages. Hence have clearly stated where I live and what I can do in Swedish in my about author square to connect my blog to Helsingborg, Sweden + of course the keywords necessary.

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    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      Thank you for your comment. I don’t really know about having to deal with writing for two different languages, but isn’t there a way for you to write in your preferred language and the writing being able to be translated for the viewer?


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  6. Leora says:

    This are all great reasons to blog! I do find, however, it’s not for everyone. Some people aren’t ready to share so often on a regular basis. For a business, however, if they can afford to pay someone to do this for them, it can really be a hit with marketing, SEO and exposure.

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    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      I personally feel that if a small business is trying to build a relationship with their readers that they should write posts themselves so that readers can get to know them, begin to like and trust them. If they are trying for SEO dominance then hiring someone would be a good idea, but they risk losing personality. If you only goal is to rank high on google then seo is the way to go, but if you want to build relationships then I think you should write yourself, maybe have someone edit for grammar.

      Thanks for commenting,

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  7. Sherryl Perry says:

    You’ve done a wonderful job of summing up some of the benefits of blogging. My blog has been instrumental in helping new clients find me. I once got a new client based solely on one of my how-to posts. They were looking to hire someone to write a set of instructions for their website. That one gig turned into a loyal client and other work.

    The only additional benefit that I can think of right now is the SEO benefits of having a blog. The search engines love new content. So having a blog as part of your website can help you rank better with the search engines. In my opinion, static websites can’t compete with a blog – that has quality content of course.

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    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      Thank you for your comment. I love hearing how your blog lead to getting you a loyal client, this is one of the greatest things about blogging, the potential to grow your business.

      I agree that seo is a great benefit to blogging and is a great enhancement to a static website. Quality content with focused keywords can help you rank in search engines. I also agree that search engines love new content which is why it is important to keep adding new content to your blog or website


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