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Six Tips to Building Relationships with Prospects Online

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The old adage is that it takes seven touches to prospects before they began to recognize your business. Before you can turn a prospect into a customer, you must first build a relationship with your prospects. The goal is to use those seven touch points to build a relationship with prospects and turn them into to customers and then into loyal referring customers. Well things have changed and it takes about 20 touch points to build a relationship with prospective clients.

How do you go about creating touch points to reach potential customers?

The lists of ways to reach customers are endless and only limited by your imagination. In this post, I will cover six ways to reach potential customers repeatedly.

  1. Public Relations: The goal here is to get your business noticed and people. You can begin by creating a buzz piece that you can send a press release out and offer free to the press and your readers. Create an online media room with all of your press releases, downloadable pictures, frequently asked questions sheet, list of quotes, topics that you are an expert on and a list past interviews. Offer as much information as possible that will make it easier for a writer or interviewer to get in touch with you. Public Relations is great for building awareness for your business among prospects and journalist.


  1. Blogs: Create a blog covering your subject of expertise. Make it easy for readers to subscribe via RSS, email, twitter and facebook. Offer information that is useful to the reader. Give them a reason to subscribe and provide a way for them to refer your blog to their friends or social networks. Use your blog to showcase your expertise and as a way for prospective clients to get to know you and your personality.

Don’t be afraid to let your readers know things about you, like your  hobbies, favorite  foods, etc. The goal is to get readers to feel as if they know you even though they have never met you in person. People do business with people they know and continue to business with people they like.

  1. eNewsletter: Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with prospects and clients because they have already shown that they are interested in what you have to say by signing up for your newsletter. You can choose the frequency in which you contact readers by giving them an option on how frequently they choose to receive your newsletter whether daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly.

You can use eNewsletter to find out what your readers interests are by sending them surveys, asking them for comments and read polls.


  1. Facebook: Create a facebook fan page and update the page often. Let fans know of events you are hosting, places where you will be speaking, and news that they can use. Ask your fans to refer your fan page to their friends. Use your fan page as a place to develop discussions and interact with your fans.

Facebook is a great way to develop a personal relationship with your fans. Post pictures, ask questions, ask for fan involvement. Ask them to post pictures, vote of favorite pictures and share your content.


  1. Twitter: Help your followers find information that will be of interest to them. Send out tweets of information about your business but also helping information that others are making available. If you read an article that you feel will be useful to your reader, make sure to retweet the article.

Twitter is a great way to drive followers back to your blog and facebook page. You can also hold conversations with twitter followers, ask them to retweet your messages and hold tweet fests with followers.


  1. LinkedIn: Join LinkedIn groups that your prospects are members of, post helpful articles, and join the discussions. Answer questions posted on your topic of expertise. Get recommendations and give recommendations to others. Ask members of your network for referrals and use the business search function to find businesses of interest to prospect.

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with potential prospects and lead them to your blog. Facebook page and turn them into followers on Twitter. You Linkedin To connect with past customers, co-workers, to get recommendations and ask for introductions to people you want to meet. You can also showcase your expertise by answering questions and getting involved in the groups available on LinkedIn.


Your Turn:

How are you developing relationships online?

What platforms are you using successfully?

What I want you to do next:

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