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Are you Truly Being Authentic with Your Readers?

Are you Truly Being Authentic with Your Readers?

One of the things that you read all the time about building relationships online is to be authentic.


It’s a scary thought. I know. I understand.


I understand because, I have been living an online lie. Not truly being authentic, because I have been afraid to truly be me. (split infinitive, I know)


Afraid that maybe you won’t like the real me. Afraid I will turn people off. Just plan ole afraid.


Can you feel where I am coming from?


If you actually knew me, you would know that I am living an online lie. You would probably think to yourself, why is she playing like that? That’s not the person that I talk to and hang out with, who the hell is that, is what you would think.


Most people like me because I am funny and straight to the point. My neighbor says, “I am a straight shooter, with no chaser.” Yet online, I am the lime without the tequila.


You miss all the fun, when you only drink the lime and leave out the tequila, like a virgin margarita, where is the fun?


The problem with living this online lie, it’s hard to maintain. I just can’t do it any longer.


I tell you and my clients to reach out to your target market and not just someone who makes a certain amount of money or has a certain job, but to reach out to people that you enjoy and who enjoy you.


Well I enjoy people who have a sense of humor and fun. I like people who are themselves, yet online I am being someone else. It’s funny; most people online let themselves go and create a persona of a person who is more outgoing, outrageous and gorgeous.


I took the persona of someone who is conservative, introverted and boring. The truth is that is just not me. I am not wild or crazy. I am talkative, outgoing, adventuresome, use profanity, love a crude joke, tell them when I can and enjoy a good time. Being authentic means being myself.


Why did I create this online lie?


Well to be honest and this is what this post is all about. I work with people who work in conservative professions, accounting, financial planning, insurance, professional coaching, ECT.


I told myself that I should be and act conservative just like them. The truth is it is very boring. While I find those professions enjoyable and love working with people who are in the professional services field, it doesn’t mean that you or I have to be boring unless we truly are boring then what the hell this post isn’t for you.


The thing is that it makes it hard to create posts, always trying to come up with some boring educational content that will teach you something.


I am happy if you learn something, unhappy if I bore you.


Can’t I teach you something you would like to know, be myself and not bore you?


If I offend you in some way, does it mean that you will not come back and read what I have to say in the future? If this is the case, then I guess we were not to be in a relationship together, we were meant to be a one-night stand. Something I don’t care for. I am a relationship kind of person, I like to keep people around for a long-time, especially people I like and clique with and enjoy.


Therefore, you are going to see some changes in my posts. I am tired; I just can’t do it any longer. I just gotta be me. That means, sometimes cursing, sometimes using bad grammar, but hopefully, just hopefully, always being me.


The boring persona I have created is sucking the life outta me. Yeah, I said outta. I am an “it is what it is,” kinda person. So let’s get ready to rock and roll.


You are going to get to know the real me, hopefully many will like me, and some of you won’t. That’s the way it is, can’t please everyone and you know what, that’s cool with me.


Your Turn:


Are you letting your readers see your authentic self?


If not, why? What are you afraid of?


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