Stand Out From The Crowd With Target Marketing

Woody Allen said that Eighty percent of success is showing up.

You got up, put on your best outfit. Dressed for success and ready to impress. You are ready. You have the talents, skills, look and great attitude. Your business is the business to work with. You are ready to get those clients and you are going to show up, headed for success.

Therefore, you showed up.

Only to find that many others had heard the same thing and showed up. There you are in a crowded room of business owners offering similar services as yours. They showed up right along with you.

Now what do you do?

How will potential clients notice you when so many others are vying for their attention?

That is the problem with just showing up. You never know how many others will show up right along with you. Standing there looking and sounding just like you do.

Before you can even get to your prospect, you hear competitors telling them, we offer best services at the best prices, just what you would say. How will they ever hear you with so many people saying similar things that you are saying? You had no idea so many others would show up and now you are feeling lost and confused. Ego deflated and ready to crawl under a rock.

You are not the only one with that problem. Danielle had that problem also.

Danielle runs a financial planning firm that helps clients save for retirement and have control of their financial futures. However, so does all the other financial planners, which makes her no different from the others. She went online and looked at websites of other financial planners and saw that their firms where no different from hers. Well they do not stand out, so maybe standing out is not so important. If I am lucky, maybe prospects that come across my site will like my site and decide to inquire about my services. The whole process left her feeling sad and depressed.

What should she have been asking herself?

Instead of asking herself what is different about her business. She should have been asking herself, what type of clients do I really want to help?

Who can I help that will give me the most satisfaction. What type of clients do I want to do financial planning for that when seeing their financial plan achieved will give me the most happiness and joy?

She gave this some thought.

Then she thought about how after her divorce the difficulty she had in getting a financial footing of her own and figured that many other women who are facing divorce or divorced are having the same problem.

That is when she decided that she would focus on women facing divorce or divorced take control of their financial future and save for a successful retirement.

That is when she knew she could stand out from the crowd.

Instead of just marketing to anyone who may need financial planning, she would focus all of her marketing on women who are getting divorced or divorced and need to take control of their financial futures.

She redesigned her website to focus on divorced or divorcing women. She created a blog and focused all of her articles on women with divorce issues and planning their finances. She joined groups, networked and gave presentations.

Instead of trying to stand out in the crowd of financial planners she choose to stand out in a crowd of women with divorce issues in need of financial planning.

With her laser sight focus, she is able to help those who are in need and facing the type of problem that she enjoys solving.

Your Turn:

Are you trying to stand out in the crowd of business similar to yours or stand out in the crowd of your ideal clients? Do you know who your ideal clients are?




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