Seven Simple Tips to Get Off Your Ass and Start Marketing Your Business

Seven Simple Tips to Get Off Your Ass and Start Marketing Your Business

You hate marketing. Yeah, well join the club, most business owners hate marketing.

The problem is if you want to stay in business and actually profit and grow, then you are going to have market your business.

Plain and Simple. You have to market your business.

Now here is the good part.

It does not have to be overwhelming or take up all of your time. You can create a simple process of marketing activities that you actually enjoy.

The great part is, if you do the activities you enjoy, it won’t seem like marketing. You won’t dread the process. You will accomplish your goals of greater profit, more clients or growth.


Here are seven tips to make marketing easier.

  • Stop making excuses

You may as well accept the fact that you need to market your business and get into a grove of doing that. This is a global marketplace. How will they know that your business exists if you do not market your business?

  • Market every day so that it becomes routine

Set aside time every day to do marketing for your business. This way marketing becomes a part of your business, just as the handling the services or creating products that you provide for clients are a part of your business.


  • Handle your marketing tasks first thing in the morning

If you do not enjoy marketing, the best thing is to handle your marketing activities as soon as you start your business day. If you get your marketing activities out-of-the-way early on, you will not have to spend the rest of the day worrying about completing the activities.


  • Implement marketing activities that you enjoy

If you do not enjoy speaking in front of groups then do not add speaking as part of your marketing activities. Develop a list of marketing activities then concentrate of a few that you truly enjoy doing and will not dread. If you enjoy email marketing, then look for ways to make email-marketing work for your business.

  • Plan your marketing activities

Create a marketing schedule so that you will know what marketing activities you will partake in each day. Once you have decided on the marketing activities that you will implement for your business, try creating a monthly or at least weekly schedule of when you will implement the activities.


  • Create a system for tracking your marketing activities

Create a system where you track the activities that you partake in and what the results are. If you hold a seminar, track how many people sign up to attend, how many really attend and how many people showed interest in your services. If you are selling products, track sales, track the amount of people who sign up for your newsletter. Track your marketing activities so that you will know what is working and what is not.


  • Follow Up

Make sure that you follow-up on the leads that you gain from your marketing activities.  When prospects show interest in your services, make sure that you follow-up in a timely manner. Develop a policy of when you will follow-up with prospects. Decide that you will follow-up with all prospects within 48 business hours for instance.


The easiest way to combat the fear of marketing is the break the activities down into small manageable steps and sticking to what you are knowledgeable about, willing to learn and enjoy doing.

The process can be a simple or difficult as you make it, so why make it difficult.

Your Turn:

Have you created a simple marketing process for your business?


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  2. Reggie says:

    i agree marketing should not be a three or four letter word but a daily commitment that generates an action from your customer,client or prospect. I would suggest that if one has a fear of marketing that they developing a team to brain storm on what is the best strategy to start to brand your business!

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    • Jennifer says:


      I agree that if you are in the position to develop a marketing team, then by all means do so. If you are not in the position to development a marketing team, don’t let fear hold you back. Work on it everyday, give it time and adjust when needed.


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