Real Estate Blog: 13 Tips for Generating Blog Content for Real Estate Agents

13 Tips for Generating Blogging Content for Real Estate Agents


I was at a get together this weekend and got to talking to a real estate agent and she asked me, should I have a real estate blog?

Of course, you know what my answer was…of course you should. I am a firm believer in blogging; it can help set yourself apart from others in your field.

Real estate is a perfect profession for blogging.

Four Great Reasons why Real Estate Agents should have a Blog:


  • Build awareness of your business
  • It allows you to showcase your expertise
  • Allows you to generate leads from interested buyers
  • Helps people get to know and like you


There are so many ways that blogging can help a real estate agent. If you are an agent who is thinking about starting a blog or already have a blog and here are some content ideas for your blog.


Thirteen Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog:


  1. Post pictures of available houses that you have listed, lots of high quality pictures
  2. Talk about the neighborhoods activities, their little league groups, parent groups, ECT.
  3. Talk about local restaurants, coffee shops, shopping areas, parks, ECT.
  4. Talk about events going on the in neighborhood, attend the events and take lots of pictures
  5. Talk about employment opportunities
  6. Post videos of the houses that you offer, of the neighborhood and events
  7. Give tips for buying a house, how to find the best mortgage
  8. Show people what they can afford in certain price ranges, here’s what $200,000 or $300,000 will buy
  9. Talk about the local schools, new initiatives, successes, show pictures of the local schools
  10. Interview residents in the neighborhoods that you represent
  11. Interview past clients about what life is like in their new neighborhood and how they enjoyed working with you
  12. Tell them about neighborhood associations and how they benefit the neighborhood, what events and activities they offer
  13. Halloween is coming up, take pictures of decorated houses and showcase them on your blog


I am sure with some thought that you can come up with many more ideas for content for you blog.

Don’t forget to put the areas that you represent in the title tag of you blog

Offer an email sign-up form so that interested readers so that you can stay in contact with them and turn them into clients.

Blogging is an inexpensive way to generate more leads for your business; it just takes your time and creativity.


Your Turn:

What other ideas do you have for content for real estate agents?

If you are a real estate agent, are you blogging?


What I want you to do next:


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  1. Every person connected to real estate must start a blog and share info, news and other details about the industry.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you for commenting,

      It is a good idea that others in the real estate industry should be blogging. The remodeling industry is a great example of an industry that would benefit greatly from blogging and also from connecting with others directly linked to the real estate industry. You can not only share news about the industry but also about the local communities that you do business.


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