Professional Coach’s Online Marketing Success Story

Professional Coach’s Online Marketing Success Story

I talked to a client recently that I helped create a marketing plan for about a year ago. She is ready to begin working on her marketing plan for another year. I was ecstatic to hear how successful who marketing efforts were and I am going to lay out the basics of her marketing plan and some of her results.

My client Amber opened her own professional coaching service helping sales professional increase their sales. She previously worked as a sales trainer for a large training firm. She had bought several marketing books and tried creating a marketing plan for herself, but felt overwhelmed by the process. I assured her that she could create a simple yet effective marketing plan for her business.

Amber had a small marketing budget and wanted to concentrate her marketing efforts to online marketing. We created a one-year marketing plan that concentrated on building her brand and generating leads for her business. At the end of six months, the plan was evaluated and revised for another six months.

Amber’s Simplified Marketing Plan

Step 1: Decide what she wanted to achieve with her online marketing efforts

  • Goal: Increase leads

Step 2: Decide how many clients she wanted to average every month

  • Goal: To work with an average of 8 clients per month

Step 3: Decide how many leads she needed to attract in order to maintain eight clients per month. She generally works with clients for six months and usually takes thirty days or less to convert new leads into clients that she meets face-to-face. She understood that I would take longer since she is looking to generate leads from clients using the internet.

  • Goal: She started with four clients and wanted to add four more over the next 60 days. Her normal rate is to meet four people and one would become a client. So we determined that she should shoot for at least 100 leads per month

Step 4: Decide what methods she would use to generate her leads

  • She decided to focus on a combination of blogging, inbound, content, email and social media marketing

Step 5: Decide what tactics she would use to gain awareness for her business and generate leads

  • Amber set up her blog and did a short video message introducing herself
  • Created several posts and begin posting onto her blog
  • Signed up for an email provider and created a contact form for people to sign up for her newsletter
  • Created a short report for people to download when they signed up for her newsletter
  • Signed up for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Joined several online groups for sales professionals
  • Posted her articles to the groups and offered advice when members asked questions
  • Comment on sales blogs
  • Ask for recommendations from LinkedIn connections

Step 6: Decide how she would nurture her leads when they signed up for her newsletter

  • We created a series of nine auto-responders over a course of sixty days to send to newsletter subscribers to help them get to know her and showcase her expertise
  •  On the forth auto-responder she offered a free consultation and on the seventh auto-responder she provide a contact form asking for more information and a place to provide their telephone number

Step 7: Measure and track her results

  • Goal: To track her blog traffic and what posts were popular. How many people who came to her blog signed up for her newsletter and how many subscribers became clients


Amber chose to create a wordpress blog and host her own blog for less than $10 a month. She used Elance, put out a bid for a logo for her company, and paid $95 for a company’s logo design. Once her logo was created, she used it on her blog and Facebook home page.

Amber’s largest commitment to the marketing process was her time.


Amber posted to her blog three times a week. She was active in online networking groups for sales professionals. The end of her fourth month, she had nine clients, has maintained at least nine clients a month and is maintaining an active database of leads.

She is planning to continue with her plan and add some additional ways to provide information to prospects and clients. We are working on her tweaking her plan for the next year and I will keep you informed.

Your Turn:

Do you have a marketing plan? Could a similar plan work for your business?

What would you do differently?


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