Podcasting….Drawing in Listeners and Prospects

Podcasting….Drawing in Listeners and Prospects

Podcasting is a great opportunity for service providers to help online prospects to develop a relationship with them without actually meeting them. I love the idea of podcasting and videos.


What can Podcasts do for you?


Podcasts can help you:

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Talk directly to the needs of your listeners and prospects
  • Help listeners to get a feel for your personality
  • Build a relationship with your listeners
  • Reach listeners at a time that is most convenient for them
  • Spread the word about your business and services that you provide


SocialMediaExaminer writes a great article on using podcasts that is worth reading.


In the article they list, three ways that podcasting can help you land customers:


  1. Choose to Interview Guests Who Are Your Ideal Prospects
  2. Create a Specific Niche for Your Ideal Prospect
  3. Don’t Want to Commit to a Podcast? Just Be a Guest!

These are great ideas.  I would like to add that you could also add an internet talk radio show where you can have guests but also allow listeners to call into your program.

A radio show is a great way to interact with current clients and potential clients. You can add the podcast to you website or blog for listeners to listen to after the show has aired.

Podcasts also help your search engine ranking and will help people who are looking for the services that you provide.

After you are finished with the podcast, you can turn parts of the podcasts into blog posts. You could go into detail on a question asked or a topic briefly discussed. You take the information presented in the podcast, turn it into a slideshare presentation, and reach more prospects.

The opportunities that podcasting offers are almost limitless.

Well if I didn’t talk you into thinking about adding podcasting into your marketing activities, I have convinced myself and will looking into adding it into my marketing activities next year.

Your Turn:

Are you podcasts? Tell us about your results.

If not, are you thinking about adding podcasting to your activities next year?



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