If You Don’t Pay Your Clients Some Attention Your Competitor Will

If You Don’t Pay Your Clients Some Attention Your Competitor Will

Lack of attention is a one of the biggest complaints that couples have in relationships. Well your business is about relationships also, are you giving your clients enough attention? Customer service is the number one complaint from customers.


One sorry fact is that businesses don’t realize that they are in the relationship business.


You may sell software, but you are selling it to people and people crave good relationships. People will buy from a higher bidder due to a better relationship with that bidder. They feel more confident that the person will do the job, because that bidder has taken the time to build the relationship, which instilled trust.


Take two electronic salespeople:


The first walks up to the customer looking at televisions and asks, are you ready to buy?


His likely answer is no still looking.


The salesperson walks away, on to find the person who is ready to purchase.


The next salesperson walks up and says, Hey, howya doing?


“Good, how are you?”


So, are you interested in buying a new television for the family, I see you are looking at the big screens here.


Yeah, trying to decide which the best television to get, not really sure.


Well do you have kids that will be playing video games on the television?


Yeah, they probably will.


Then the salesperson goes on to tell him how some are better for playing videos, and answers all the customers questions with patience and a friendly attitude. During the conversation, he even tells a little about his family. He finds out all he can in an easy manner about what the customer’s television needs are and only shows him televisions that fit his needs. He shows the customer television that are on the higher end, the customer says, whoa, that’s too much.


He says; well let’s look at these over here. You can get a great television at a lesser price but you may have to get a smaller television or go with fewer options.


In the end, he sells the customer a television and the customer is happy with his purchase. He can go home and explain to his family the great buy he made (because the salesperson took the time to educate him) and they too will be happy with the purchase.


In the manner of maybe 30 minutes, the salesperson was able to build a relationship and sell the television. He built the relationship by paying attention and listening to the customer’s needs and desires.


The point is, business is about relationships, it really doesn’t matter what you are selling.


Whether you are trying to turn a prospect into a client or keep you current clients happy, attention goes a long way.


Suggestions on ways to give your prospects and clients some desired attention:


  • Create a database of prospects and current customers
  • Send them an email just to get in touch, see if they have any questions
  • If they have questions, follow-up with a phone call
  • Record the information that you receive from them in the database, the questions they asked, your answers and any other information that they give
  • Note any personal information that they give to you: birthdays, spouses and children’s names, hobbies, associations, reading habits, movies they love, everything.
  • Find ways to become more personal with them, send birthday or anniversary cards. Send a quick email asking how the son did at the track meet, ECT.
  • Send a subscription to a magazine for one of their hobbies
  • Send them articles that you think they will enjoy other of business related articles (send the business ones also)
  • How client appreciation events for local customers
  • Send a couple of tickets to an event that you think they will enjoy
  • Tell them about upcoming events going on in your city that you think they will enjoy. They say they like wine, send them info about a future wine tasting.
  • If they invite you to an event, go
  • Send a handwritten thank you note, telling them that you appreciate them being your client


There are so many things that you can do on a regular basis to show your prospects and clients some love and attention.


Try to make keeping in touch something that you do on a regular basis in small ways. Clients want to feel appreciated even if they don’t say so directly. You may find that in turn they will show that they appreciate you buy referring additional business to your company or writing a glowing testimonial for your business.


Your Turn:


Are you showing clients that you appreciate them?


What are some of the ways that you show your appreciation?


What Next:

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