Getting Attention like the Busty Chick in the Short Sundress at Church

Getting Attention like the Busty Chick in the Short Sundress at Church

She’s got your attention. She struts in wearing her chest hugging short sundress with her big boobs popping out. You see her, how could you not? The women frown and the men stare. She has everyone’s attention. Isn’t that the point? She  needs attention and knows how to get it.


While many may say that it is inappropriate to wear this sort of outfit to church, it is disrespectful coming to church looking like a whore. What if she is a whore, then, why would she dress any other way?


The question is can you beat her at getting attention?


Are you doing enough to drive attention to your business?


You may say that she is in the wrong place to pick up business, but I bet you she is not. She knows where her market is and she goes where they are. Sure, she could go to a strip club but there she would have much more competition. Instead, she goes where others are afraid to go, church.


Are you going where others are afraid to go to get to your market?


The market place has become a very crowded field, no matter what market. I don’t care if you are selling sex, cars, financial services or teeth cleaning, it’s a crowded field. The internet just made it more crowded and now you have to find ways to stand out and get attention. Here enters the church whore and everyone sees her.


Now you may say to yourself, yeah everyone sees her but no one at church is going to do business with her. Shut your mouth, you know that’s not true, scandals in church are everywhere and those are just the ones we hear about. She knows those so-called good boys are her best clients. She knows that if she keeps showing up enough of them will find a way to make their way to her. The best part for her is she knows they won’t be shouting to the world that they are her client.


Now you probably don’t want secretive clients, you want them shouting to the world, hey, this guy is great. Rest assured those fellas are talking just not shouting.


Why the Church is a Great Place for the Busty Chick to gain Attention and what you can learn from her:


  • She has found a market she can dominate in a crowded field. There are many whores out there, but she found the spot where they don’t congregate.
  • She is not worried about all those men there that are not suitable clients, she knows there are enough there to keep her in business and she knows how many she needs.
  • They talk quietly among each other about her and become referrals for her and she knows that they are ideal because they are like her current clients. She is so taboo that they can’t tell everyone, just those they can trust.
  • She knows they will pay a premium price, they can’t afford for everyone to know and happily pay the price to be with her.
  • She knows that they enjoy the fact that not everyone can afford to be with her and that makes her exclusive.
  • The fear of getting caught, the naughtiness of being with her and the chance to be the bad deacon keeps them coming back for more.


How can You Apply this to Your Business?


  • Find the spot where all the other players are not playing and dominate the field.
  • Don’t worry about those who are not right for you, focus on those who are. Not everyone is your client know who is.
  • Be so good that they tell their select friends who can benefit from your services.
  • Be so great that they are willing to pay premium for your services.
  • Your services are so exclusive or narrowly defined that they appeal only to your ideal clients.
  • Keep them coming back for more. Help them step outside their box, know what their fears are and make sure that they know that you can handle them with care.


I know you are saying here she goes with another whore story. I have a lot respect for sex workers. They know their value, they know where their clients are, they make them pay their value and they don’t give away the business for free. They know how to get attention.



Your Turn:


Did that title get your attention?


What are you willing to do that others in your field are not doing to gain attention and get the clients you are looking for?





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  1. Alan Bardwell says:

    So, Jennifer. What’s your book gonna be about?

    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      You make me chuckle. At the rate I am going it looks like it going to be “How to successfully market your business like a prostitute” or something along those lines. LOL, do you think it will sell? Just think of the pictures I could include. Ooooo wwwweeeee. LOL


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