Four Ways to Establish Trust among Prospects and Clients

Four Ways to Establish Trust among Prospects and Clients

One of the biggest obstacles that businesses face today is a lack of trust. According to recent survey, 62% of Americans do not trust businesses. A survey by the Better Business Bureau found that those surveyed chose business accordingly:

  • 53% said the company’s reputation for honesty and fairness
  • 57% said the company’s reputation for being both dependable and reliable.
  • 54% said the company’s reputation for providing good value for money

It is paramount that to build a successful business, you have to build trust to gain new customers, keep current customers and to get current customers to refer you to other potential business.

How can you go about building trust so that prospects will do business with you and current clients continue to do business with you?

Here are four areas where you can build trust and build client relations.

1. Establish Core Competencies

Let prospects and customers know what you do best and the value that you offer. If you offer excellent customer service, then make sure you are known for your excellent customer service. If you deliver the fastest, then make sure you are known for your fast delivery. Know what your company strengths are and do everything that you can to convey this message and offer proof of the message that you are conveying. If you work with surgeons, let them know that you specialize in helping then achieve financial success. For instance, my core competencies are to help financial service firms create plans that help them market themselves easily, effectively and economically.

2. Show that you have your customers well-being in mind.

Make sure that your customers know that you will do everything that you can to make sure that they are a satisfied customer. Yes are you in business to make money, but your first priority is the customer. Take a return at times when you normally would not, to make sure that the customer is happy. Return phone calls in a timely fashion. Check to understand what your customers concerns are and work to resolve those concerns. Make sure that your customers know that it really is about them and that you want them to be just as successful as you want to be.

3. Show Integrity.

Be honest in your business transactions and show consistency in your actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. Stand by your word, offer guarantees, and show  that you are not just giving lip service, but mean what you say and show that you mean it by the actions that you show. Offer the best quality service that you can offer, admit when you are wrong and then work to make things right. If you do not know something, do not be ashamed to say that you do not know.

4. Provide Information.

Provide prospects and customers with the information they need to make informed decisions. Give away your knowledge, before you ask prospects to shell out their money. Educate the masses about the services that you offer and build credibility becoming the business they turn to when they need an answer that they can trust. Do not worry about giving away the farm there will always be buyers. Educate prospects and customers enough so that they will know that you are the person to buy from when it time to buy.

While all of this sounds simple, most businesses are not doing these things that build trust among consumers. We all experience bad customer service and we wonder if businesses even care. Now more than ever it is easy to kill your business reputation. With the worldwide use of the internet, one bad customer service experience and spread like wildfires. Wildfires are easy to set and very hard to put our or contain and in the end your reputation could be dead.


Your Turn:

How are you building trust among prospects and clients?


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