Five Ways Blogging can Help Your Financial Services Business

Five Ways Blogging can Help Your Financial Services Business

If you are not blogging and involved in social media you are behind the times. People are accustomed to going online to find businesses that fit their needs and checking out those businesses before becoming a client.

Blogs are a great way to show potential customers that you are the person that they can feel confident doing business.

If you are a financial advisor, insurance agent, account or other financial professional and you are looking to grow awareness of your firm, increase leads and keep in touch with current clients, than blogging is the thing for you.

Five ways blogging can help your business:

1. Blogging allows you to target the type of reader that you would like to turn into a client. You can target your audience by writing blog posts on the subjects that are of interest to them. You can help them turn a hobby that they enjoy into a financial goldmine.

Some topic examples:

  • Wine investing
  • Art collecting
  • Real estate investing
  • Car collecting
  • Antique collecting
  • Stamps collecting
  • Coins collecting
  • Comic book collecting


2. Blogging allows you to show readers your knowledge and expertise. If you specialize in a particular subject, show off your knowledge with a blog.

Some topic examples:

  • LTCI
  • People who have ten years left to retirement
  • Preserving wealth for those already retired
  • Those new to investing
  • New parents
  • College 529 plans
  • Estate planning


3. Blogging allows you to build relationships. Readers will feel as if they know you when you include some personal experiences within your blog posts. Don’t get to personal, but don’t be afraid to share some information that is not financial related.

Some topic examples:

  • Tell them about your dream vacation and include some of the mishaps, especially if they are funny.
  • Your first time snorkeling
  • Your first grandchild
  • Your daughters upcoming graduation
  • Son winning the state championship football game
  • Your rollerblading adventure


4. Blogging can help you educate your readers. Without giving investment advice and in simple terms you can explain hot investment ideas or complex financial information.

Some topic ideas:

  • What are ETF’s?
  • How to buy LTCI
  • How to know when you need an accountant
  • How an accountant can help you decrease your tax bill
  • Laws that will affect their retirement account
  • How to understand what a mutual fund actually costs


5. Blogs can help journalist find you and create free publicity for your firm. If a journalist is writing a story on the financial effects of divorce on women after divorce and they start searching for related information and this is your expertise. If you are consistently, blogging on this topic your name will turn up and the journalist may contact you for an interview.

Some items to include in your online media kit for journalist once they find your blog:

  • Contact Information
  • Head shot
  • Bio
  • List of frequently asked questions
  • List of previous press releases
  • Clips of videos, podcasts, radio shows and speaking engagements
  • Business Facts
  • Information about services and products
  • Case studies
  • Published articles
  • Upcoming events and appearances


Many professional advisors are concerned about blogging due to compliance issues. Make sure that you understand the compliance guidelines and keep up to date with the guidelines.

Don’t let blogging become a chore or scare you. Choose a routine that if suitable for you, whether it is once a week or daily. Let it be a joy, look at it as getting a chance to sit down and talk to some friends, only in writing and don’t forget to respond when they leave comments.

Your Turn:

Are you currently blogging for your business? If so, how long? If not, why not?

How has blogging benefited your business?

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6 Comments to Five Ways Blogging can Help Your Financial Services Business

  1. James says:


    Great information! I am in the process of blogging and your article is inspiring in that I need to begin immediately. I look forward to your upcoming articles. Take care!


  2. Greg says:

    We are considering adding polls to blogs occasionally to get an idea about what customers are thinking. Also, there are so many different types of social media to keep up with. It seems to be important to include links to Facebook and Twitter. Now there is Pinterest, which seems to be the new thing everyone is flocking to.

    • Jennifer says:


      Polls are a great way to find out readers thoughts, so are surveys to email subscribers if you have an email list. As for all the new social networks popping up, stick with what works for you and not jump on each new fad. I would determine if you readers are using facebook, twitter, pinterest and what you are comfortable using on a consistent basis and go with those. The goal is to be consistent.


  3. Great comments. Would love to hear your opinion on using video in your blogs. We’re trying to figure out how to position video products for bloggers so that they are easy to use and effective.

    I think all your points resonate for most businesses, but blogging seems to still be a challenge for many businesses to adopt. Hopefully articles like this will turn that tide.

    • Jennifer says:


      I think that using videos in blogs are a wonderful idea. I believe that videos allow readers to connect with the people that are writing the blogs they are reading. It can give the reader of feeling like the know the author and can help businesses sell themselves, especially service providers.

      As for figuring out how to position videos for bloggers, I can see how you can help local providers by offering professional video services to them, maybe a package of short videos where they can give tips or short interviews. As for non-local bloggers, hummm… that’s interesting, seems like you would have to offer services where you go to the client. It could be possible to offer videos that do not have the person on the screen, maybe screen shots and the person talking during the video. You could also offer to have bloggers shoot the video themselves and you offer video editing services.


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