Ebooks, Shitty Writing and Benchmarks: Eight Blog Posts Worth Reading

Personas, Slideshare and Killer Titles...6 Blog Posts Worth Reading

The truth of it I just didn’t feel like writing a blog post for today. I am working on a set of post and they are not ready yet. Instead of just putting some shit out there, I decided to provide a list of eight blog posts that I recently read and think you might enjoy them or at least learn a thing or two from them.

Happy reading.


Why Your Blog Is Going Nowhere (and the Truth about Getting Traffic)


5 Goals Every Blogger Should Set Up in Google Analytics


5 Proven Ways to Find Targeted Traffic to Your Blog


How a Giveaway Ebook Benefits Your Business


12 Revealing Charts to Help You Benchmark Your Business Blogging Performance


How To Create Engaging Online Videos: 6 Questions To Answer Before Pressing Record


10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following


How to Sex Up Your Google Search Results With Authorship Info


I thought about writing a brief description of each article, but since I am feeling lazy today, I decided against it. Just check out the articles.


Your Turn:

Do you know of any articles you found worth sharing, please share them with us.

What did you think of the articles, come back and post a comment.


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