Don’t Be Afraid to Salsa into the World of Online Marketing

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Online Marketing has dramatically changed the way that we market our businesses today. Many professional service firms especially in the financial field are afraid to jump into the world of online marketing.


They tell themselves things like:


  • It is for younger people, people my age are not on the internet
  • I don’t understand it and don’t have time to learn it
  • My hands are tied due to governmental regulations
  • It doesn’t work for my industry
  • I don’t think it will help my business
  • My customers are not interested in being connected to me on the internet


I say salsa right into online marketing and enjoy yourself.


Why the salsa you may ask.


Well let me tell you a quick story.


Sarah “Paddy” Jones took up salsa dancing at the age of 70 after her husband died. She entered the Spanish talent show Tú Sí Que Vales and on December 2, 2009, her and her partner (who is 40 years younger than she is) won the competition.



Sarah and her partner are going strong performing at Salsa congresses around the world.


What you can learn from Sarah:


  • She wasn’t afraid that people her age weren’t doing the Salsa
  • She didn’t let the fact that she had stop dancing at 22 stop her, she started again and learned the Salsa
  • She didn’t let what people would think about her tie her hands or that fact that she was older and could possibly injure herself badly
  • She didn’t let the fact that her competition would be younger than her stop her from entering the contest
  • She didn’t let the death of her husband stop her, she picker herself up and jumped right back into life


Sarah at the age of 75 won the competition, became famous and salsas herself around the world.


She should be an inspiration to us all. The things that stop us from doing what we want to do are just excuses.


Don’t let excuses keep you from the benefits marketing your business online.


  • Yeah-online marketing takes some time to learn, get out your pen and paper, take notes or hire a trainer.
  • Yeah you will make some mistakes, so what learn from them.
  • Yeah others will be more successful at then you, so what keep on going.
  • Yeah there may be government regulations, learn the regulations, ask questions, then jump in dammit.


Sometimes you just have to jump into the fray and do the salsa.


Take it from Sarah, she did and look where it got her.


Your Turn:


Are you letting excuses stop you from fully getting your business involved in online marketing?



What Next:


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  2. Jenn,
    Another interesting lesson, delivered with humor. By golly! I’ll do it! I can’t embarrass myself any more than Sarah did. Except I’ll call it ‘break-dancing’ my way into the world of online marketing. Gotta go. Poppin’ and lockin’ is my life now.

    Another thought. The featured speakers at your sales conferences would be an interesting bunch. I’ve read two articles so far, one about a call girl, and now this one about a 75 yr old salsa dancer.

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