Create a Simple Blog Editorial Calendar

Create a Simple Blog Editorial Calendar

Blah blah blogging. Keep blogging from giving you the blues by creating a simple editorial calendar.

One of the biggest mistakes owners make that handle the marketing for their businesses: they complicate the process and overwhelm themselves.

This is true for blogging especially is you are not a marketer or a writer. The process of consistently blogging can overwhelm, frustrate and stress you out.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

The key is to keep it simple.

Setting up a Simple Editorial Calendar:

You can create a spreadsheet with multiple columns, charts, colors and plug-in all the dates that you are going to write a blog post and what the post topic. You can spend a whole lot of time making something very pretty, but not anymore useful.

Me I just create a simple two-column table in Microsoft Word, plug-in the months and themes.


Done and I am ready to roll.

Let me show what I am talking about for a couple of professions as an example.

Professional Business Coach:

January: Speaking

February: Time Management

March: Delegating

April: Authorship

May: Stress Management

June: Leadership

Financial Planners

January: Retirement Planning

February: Estate Planning

March: Tax Minimization

April: Charitable Giving

May: Wealth Management

June: College Planning


January: 2012 Taxes

February: Overlooked Deductions

March: Audits

April: Charitable Giving

May: Estate Taxes

June: Payroll Taxes

Home Remodelers

January: Budgets

February: Bathrooms

March: Kitchens

April: Roofs

May: Basements

June: Additions

Interior Decorators

January: Painting

February: Tiles

March: Windows

April: Space Planning

May: Flooring

June: Color


January: Garden Planning

February: Native Plants

March: Water Features

April: Container Gardening

May: Trees

June: Hardscaping


January: Healthy Choices

February: Proteins

March: Carbohydrates

April: Fruits

May: Vegetables

June: Summer Grilling

The simplicity of creating a monthly calendar is that it keeps you from scattering your efforts and helps you remain focused. You know what theme you will write about for the month, and then you just need to find topics within for each month’s theme.

Don’t be afraid to change your calendar. The goal is to keep editorial calendar simple and manageable.

Have Your Say:

Have you created an editorial calendar for your blog?


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12 Comments to Create a Simple Blog Editorial Calendar

  1. Kelly Wade says:

    Great idea. One of the hardest parts about blogging is to think of new and interesting ideas that will he useful for your readers. Once you have the main idea, because we are writers, the article will usually naturally then flow. Having a schedule for which blog posts you’ll write would take a lot of stress off of you.

    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      Thank you for your comment. I find that going with a monthly theme easier because I only have to concentrate on generating ideas for one subject. If I want to write on something different that is always optional, but having a theme really makes things easier. I also find that writing shorter posts works out better for me.

      Good luck to you,

  2. An editorial calendar sounds like a great idea Jennifer. Right now, I can’t get my head around starting one but this could be the inspiration that I need. We’ll see. :)

    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      Thank you for your comment. It can be hard to wrap your mind around but starting simple is the key. You can look at your subjects that you cover and break down the most important ones into twelve months, that way you can concentrate on those subjects each month.

      Good luck to you,

  3. Susan Oakes says:

    I must admit this is the first year I have set an editorial calendar and already it is simplifying the whole process. Good examples you have shown Jennifer and ones that are easy to follow.

  4. JeriWB says:

    I keep dragging my feet. I somewhat keep a calendar, but I tend to have too many subjects I want to blog about, which makes it harder to find focus and also be somewhat unique at the same time. Themes are a good idea.

    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      I tend to come up too many topics or can’t come up any. Themes make it easier because you only have to come up with topics based on you theme and it makes it a lot easier.


  5. Jon Jefferson says:

    Thats actually a pretty clever idea. If I was ever more organized this would rock. Of course, I like a bit of disorganization to permeate into how I do everything (I like to wing it).

    • Jennifer Woodard says:


      That’s why I like to keep things simple to keep from being disorganized. My theme for this month is blogging, all I have to worry about is coming up ideas about blogging. Makes things easier, expect the part about having to actually write the post.

      Thank you for commenting Jon,

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