Are You Working with Clients You Absolutely Enjoy?

Are You Working with Clients You Absolutely Enjoy?

The other  day I was listening to my music and working on some client work. It is work that I really do not enjoy doing any longer, but I really hate to dip this client, because they have been with me a long time and they are dependable, but boy does doing the work put a drag on me.


So, I am thinking that it may be time to move this client into other services that I provide (marketing and pr consulting) or let this client go.


Do you have clients that you absolutely do not enjoy working? As professional service providers, we don’t have the luxury of putting an item in a box and sending it off to the buyer. We have to deal directly with our clients on a consistent basis. It can be a real drag when you are working with people who make you less than happy for whatever reason.


So, I want you to take this time to start thinking about the clients that you absolutely enjoy. Your ideal clients.


But, before we talk about the clients.


Let’s start with you:


What type of things do you enjoy?


It is better if we work with clients that we have something in common.


I suggest that members of the financial services industry have a blog along with their website; we will talk about things to post about later.


Right now, I want to know what type of things you enjoy.


What are your hobbies, interests, what makes you happy when you are that thing or those things?


Do you like golf, tennis, wine, photography, what?


Take some time and think about the thing that you really enjoy and write a list. Circle the topics that you can write about, because you enjoy them so much. I am not talking about instructional pieces, how to golf, but pieces on your great golfing day, great new course you played, whatever.

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I’d love to hear from you.

What is that thing or things that you enjoy?

Post your answers in the comments below and let’s see how you can incorporate it/them into your writing.


Until next time,