Are You Setting Concrete Goals to Generate Leads Online?

Are You Setting Concrete Goals to Generate Leads Online?

I hear it and read it all the time “I want to increase traffic and generate leads online,” but that’s it. I understand that you want to increase traffic and generate leads, but how much more traffic and how many additional leads do you want to generate? If you generate two additional leads, you have generated leads, but is that enough? If you increase traffic by one more visitor you have increase your traffic, but is that what you really want? Probably not

You must know what your goals are.

What are your actual goals?

Do you want to increase traffic by 30% and generate 10 additional leads per month? These are actual goals.

Do you know how you will increase traffic and generate more leads?

Once you decide on your concrete goals, then you need to decide what you will do to accomplish those goals.

Will you add more content to your website or blog to increase traffic?

Will you submit articles to publications that your target audience reads? (You do know who your target audience is, right?)

Will you get involved in the social networking sites that your target audience is involved in?

You have to know what want to accomplish and create a plan of action to accomplish your goals.

You have to do more than just want more traffic and leads.

Online marketing is not a magic pill, you put up a website and people automatically appear it takes time and work.

How much time are you willing to invest in online marketing?

If you do not have the time to invest, are you willing to hire someone or company to handle the online marketing for you?

How much do you want the firm to handle and how much do you want to handle?

If you decide to go the route of hiring a firm, you must also understand that you will still be involvement in the process. You will have to make decisions on the direction that the marketing takes, you have processes to approve, material to approve and make sure that they are on track to accomplish the goals that you have outline.

You must also be realistic about what online marketing can do for your business. Many people give up because what they want to happen does come fast enough. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you are not finding ways for people to know that your business exist, they will not find you. You need to have a plan on how you will attract website traffic and generate leads.

Five Ways to increase website traffic and generate more leads:

  1. Create content: This can be adding articles to your website or blog, offering a free report, webinar or eBook.
  2. Share on Social Media: Share your content on social media sites, your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, groups you have joined, forums you participate and submit to online publications.
  3. Email: Create an email sign-up form to attract leads. Offer something of interest to readers in exchange for their email addresses then send updates and offers.
  4. Nurture Leads: Nurture the leads that you receive through email by sending them additional information that will be useful to them. Offer them ways to get in contact with you, a form for them to fill out for them to contact you or for you to contact them.
  5. Follow-up: Ask them what problems they are trying to solve and give them ideas on how you can help. Show them that you know how to help them and give them reasons to contact you for help.

It is definitely possible to use online marketing to grow your business. You just have to know what your goals are and how you are going to accomplish your goals.

Create a plan and put that plan into action.


Your Turn:

Have you created concrete goals for marketing your business online?

Have you a plan of action to accomplish those goals?


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