25 Great Blog Posting Ideas

25 Blog Posting Ideas

Marketing data from Hubspot show that businesses are using blogs to gain new customers. The difference in a business ability to gain additional customers with their blog is weighed heavenly on how often the business adds posts to their blogs.

100% of the businesses, who post to their blog several times a day, acquired new customers with their blogs.

90% of the businesses who blog every day acquired new customers with their blogs.

69% of the businesses who post 2-3 times a week, acquired new customers with their blogs and 58% of the businesses who blogged weekly acquired new customers with their blogs.

The difficulty comes in consistently creating new blogging ideas.

25 Blogging Ideas that you can use to help increase posting frequency.

1. News – The latest news in your industry

2. Reviews: On books or products pertaining to your market

3. Predict industry trends

4. Write about the historical changes in your industry

5. Define terms that people new to your industry may not understand

6. Tips on topics of interest to your readers

7. Write about industry conferences, trade shows, workshops and seminars attended

8. Interview successful people in your industry

9. Answer readers questions

10. Create a survey or contest

11. Publish of list of must read blogs in your industry

12. Allow other bloggers to guest post on your blog

13. Write a frequently asked questions post

14. Update old post and republish with new content

15. Write a post with the best posts in your industry over the last week, with links to the original post

16. Do a weekly roundup of posts on your blog at the end of the week

17. Write a beginner’s guide for your industry or series of posts

18. Get personal and write about yourself or someone in your business

19. Write about a charity that you support or an event that you sponsored

20. Write about a great new restaurant or play you attended

21. Write about changes in your city that will affect your local readers

22. Write about free events that are happening in your local area

23. Write a post about a client event that you hosted, like a wine tasting

24. Write about a local networking event you attended

25. Write something lighthearted and entertaining that will show a more upbeat side to your personality

I am sure that you can think of many other creative ideas to keep your content fresh for your readers.


Your Turn:

What posting ideas can you suggest for readers that have worked for you?

Are you gaining new customers with your blog?

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