X Tools to Optimize Your Website Conversions

Millions of people stay online, but apart from your website there are at least 1 million other websites which your target customer may choose. How to make them choose your website and, moreover, make them buy your goods or services? The answer is in this article.


To answer the question, you will need to get acquainted with conversion and understand its meaning. So, what is conversion?


It is the main marker of your website effectiveness, which helps you to see whether it completes your desired goal or not. It shows how many website visitors don’t just leave it, but do some targeted actions.


Why conversion rate optimization is so IMPORTANT? 


Factor №1

Due to the regular measurement of conversion rate, you will be given an opportunity to see problems that lead to the loss of visitors or customers. Imagine that something went wrong and now “Buy” button doesn’t function properly. If you are tracking conversion, you will quickly notice that the quantity of visitors remains the same as earlier, but there are much fewer purchases.


Factor №2 

Looking at conversion rate, you are able to track the history of visits and relevance of website pages. That means that you can find out what people are most often interested in.


Factor №3

Conversion analytics allows you to follow traffic and identify the most efficient ways to attract audience. For example, using YouTube, social networks, blogging, contextual advertising.


Now, it’s high time to speak about useful Tools To Optimize Your Website Conversion:


  1. Google Analytics

If you are looking for an ideal helper, opt for Google Analytics, it’s a universal method to track down website traffic and see the source of your customers arrival. For instance, you can choose a period and make a parallel between advertising on Facebook and e-mail advertising. On the basis of this information you can single out best advertising channel and put in all the efforts in its development. In this case, using all expensive and inefficient sources of attracting your audience can be eliminated.


  1. Google PageSpeed

How to check the speed? Use Google PageSpeed. This ​​is an effective tool that enables you to stay informed about technical violations which can slow down the work of your site and what you need to do to correct the situation. Use PageSpeed Insights to improve the performance of your website, as slow pages distract visitors.


  1. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is your reliable assistant in making Heatmaps. These graphic schemes will show you how users surf through your website pages and what elements attract their attention most of all (banners, live chats, videos, FAQ section etc).

  1. Conversion Voodoo

If you are looking for a website with multifunctional services, go to Conversion Voodoo. Among the services are: landing page design, conversion testing, like A/B testing, ability to get information about the performance of website pages and learn about first impression left by visitors of your website.

Speaking about conversion testing, you need to know that there are 4 main types:

  • A/B testing (most effective);

This version of testing is used by the majority of the website masters. Total traffic is divided in 2 parts − 50% of users go to first page, 50% to the second one, where were implemented changes. Finally, two pages are compared and revealed better conversion.

  • A/B/N testing;

This is an advanced option of A/B testing with the third element.

  • Multivariate Testing;
  • Time interval testing, or “before-and-after” way of testing.


  1. Zopim or Zendesk Chat

Zopim is a service which enables you to enhance your website by adding live online chat for constant communication with visitors. The program has many settings that can make the work of your team much easier. Now you can use the service 30 days for free.

  1. Eye-tracking

Lots of researches have shown that browsing websites people follow a certain pattern. Using eye-tracking technology, it was found out that this pattern is similar to letter F, located on the left side of the screen. So, this means that people firstly pay attention to content placed on the left side of the screen. Try to place there a list of most popular products/services, a call to action. Keep this in mind.

  1. Neilpatel

Have you ever come across a problem called − Competitors? Neilpatel will show you why their performance is better than yours. You just need to insert the link to their website and you will see what benefits they used to outrank your website.

  1. Getting rid of conversion killing tools

In order to move forward your website conversion, you are to be aware of certain things that will just kill all your previous attempts to make your website work more effectively.

  • You have to avoid captcha entering. This can turn out that even the most patient visitors will leave your website;
  • Scrolling through even the most authoritative sources you can meet some mistakes or misprints. But mistakes follow one after another, users are unlikely to tolerate this, this way you can forget about increasing conversion. To prevent this situation you may go to PickWriters website to choose the best translation website;
  • Too obsessive cross-sells;
  • Additional taxes. Unforeseen expenses are the first reason of refusal to buy goods. The majority of people abandon baskets after additional charges.


  1. UsabilityHub

UsabilityHub service offers five seconds tests, click tests − users click in a given area of the screen, this allows you to identify “false” areas of your website pages, preference tests (visual appeal checking) and designing of surveys.

  1. Content Marketing Sales Funnel

This can be described as certain type of marketing machine for transformation of stray users into company’s clients. Speaking about the elements of this funnel, you should take into consideration blogging and posts in social networks.

Besides, you can adopt an accumulative system. It is a life hack that encourages visitors to buy products on your site. This means that you give a discount for registration, after this you provide a discount when customer purchases on the website reach certain sum of money. This way the discount rises proportionally with the sum of client’s purchases.

What’s more, you can turn to related sales. When making an order, customers can be offered several additional items. For example, if there is an order for a laptop, then you can offer to buy a mouse. Pay attention to one rule – don’t offer useless things, as this will bring you opposite effect.


So, let’s summarize.

Website conversion improvement is primary action that needs to be done before launching advertisement and attracting audience. If this is not done, then the sales funnel will not function in a proper way and many customers will pass by.

Conversion optimization helps to trigger your sales without spending extra amount of money. Website with attractive design, customized advertising, useful content and responsive technical support will always bring more profit than the same website without good conversion rate.

Even if conversion rate optimization of your site has achieved good results − this is not a reason to stop. Remember about your opponents who are in a constant search of new technologies. If you let them go ahead, you risk losing.

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